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Contestant Feedback Process

The purpose of the contestant feedback process is to provide limited assistance to contestants, to help them to be as successful as possible in their next round of competition. Feedback provided by the judges is not and should not be considered a guarantee for success. It is merely the opinions of the judges. Contestants must decide for themselves whether or not to adopt the suggestions offered by the judges. Due to time constraints, it is impossible for us to address each question a contestant may have regarding either the contest or individual performances. For this reason, feedback will be divided into two categories: Formal and Informal.

Formal Feedback: All contestants who successfully compete in a preliminary round will be given the opportunity to attend a formal feedback session. The formal feedback session will be provided by the contest team and will take place immediately following each qualifying, quarter-final and semi-final round. Due to time constraints, it is our intent to complete each formal feedback session as quickly as possible.

Informal Feedback: Informal feedback will be provided by request only and will be available to all contestants who do not advance to the next round of competition. Informal feedback will also be available to any finalist who does not win the contest, to help him or her prepare for next year’s contest. In short, virtually anyone may receive informal feedback upon request. To request informal feedback, the contestant must e-mail the contest coordinator at: In the subject line, the contestant must place “Request for Informal Feedback.” In the body of the e-mail message, contestants must provide the following information:

1) First and last name
2) Date and location of the competition

Since the judges do not administer the informal feedback process, we cannot answer any specific questions regarding how a contestant was judged. The basis for informal feedback information will be comments provided by the judges during the contest.





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