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General Contest Information

1)      The contest is divided between three different age brackets or “Divisions.”

Adults 21 and over
Teens 13 - 20
Kids 5 - 12

2)      The Adults Division is further divided into four different Groups (A, B, C & D). The Kids and Teens Divisions are divided into two Groups (A & B).

3)      Each Adults Division Group will have three qualifying rounds and the Kids and Teens Division Groups will have two rounds of qualifiers. The top seven scoring contestants in each Adults qualifying round and the top 10 scoring contestant in each Kids and Teens qualifying round will advance to the next stage. Adults Division qualifiers will advance to a Group quarter-final round. Kids and Teens qualifiers will advance directly to the Group semi-finals.

4)      The top 10 scoring contestants in the Adults quarter-finals will advance to the semi-finals.

Please note Rule 15 of the Official Rules:

Points accrued by each contestant will be carried over to the next round of competition. A contestant that does not finish in the top 10 during the quarter-final or semi-final round of competition, may still advance to the next round of competition if his or her total accumulated points score is among the top 10 accumulated points in their respective round of competition.

5)      There will be two separate semi-final sessions. In the Adults Division, Groups A & B will collapse into one semi-final and Groups C & D will form the second semi-final. Kids and Teens from Group A will compete in one semi-final while Kids and Teens from Group B will compete in the other. The top 10 scoring contestants in each semi-final in each age group will advance to the finals.

6)      The finals will be held at the Thoroughbred Family Entertainment Pavilion on Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011. 

7)      Each contestant will be judged in three categories as follows:

Singing 1 - 100 65%
Presentation 1 - 40 25%
Level of Difficulty 1 - 15 10%

8)      Cash Prizes for each Division are as follows:

DIVISION 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Adults $1,000 $250 $100
Teens $100 $50 $25
Kids $100 $50 $25

As in the past, contestants tied for a qualifying position will automatically advance to the next round. Ties will only be broken among the Top five finishers in the finals of any division.

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